Social Responsibility


As the leading pay-television company operating in Latin America, DIRECTV is committed to community enrichment by means of its innovative services and technology. Through the use of the various programs that comprise Generación DIRECTVTM we support education, disaster relief, and community outreach activities.

The Generación DIRECTV initiative uses technology, services, branding and especially people to enact social change in underserved areas of the region, ultimately benefiting a future generation of DIRECTV customers, employees and above all: communities.
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Escuela+ strives to support, complement and enhance classroom lessons of primary and secondary level schools using DIRECTV’s technology by means of its DIRECTV Plus™ receiver and educational content from its partners “Discovery en la Escuela,” “Fundación Torneos y Competencia para la Educación,” and Microsoft.
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Piedra, Papel y Tijera

Identifies and solves problems in Latin American communities. To transform schools, orphanages, homes, and improve the quality of life is our purpose. The difference is achieved with our own hands! Experience our episodes now.
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Eco DIRECTV focuses in providing a rightful and responsible approach towards the environment. Eco DIRECTV takes on such an important cause by implementing educational programs for its employees, collecting recyclable materials in its offices and fundraising efforts for non-profit organizations. Find out how to save our environment!
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The Forum

The Forum is the platform that DIRECTV uses, on our exclusive channel OnDIRECTV™, to highlight community outreach efforts led by other organizations and institutions, This allows for the widespread dissemination of all achievements and the stories of positive change in communities. Enjoy the spots we sponsored.
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