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DIRECTV provides a premier television experience through the acquisition, production and distribution of unique and exclusive content, excellence in the area of customer service, and the continuous deployment of the latest technologies for television entertainment.

DIRECTV Latin America is the leading satellite television provider in Latin America and the Caribbean, offering the best television experience to over 17.22 million customers.

DIRECTV Latin America provides service in the region through three divisions: Brazil, Mexico and PanAmericana; and it is 100% part of DIRECTV, the world’s leader in television entertainment.

In Brazil, DIRECTV Latin America has 93% ownership of SKY Brasil, while Globo Comunicações e Participações, S.A., and has a 7%. SKY Brasil is the leading Satellite Television provider on the country.

In Mexico, DIRECTV Latin America has 41% ownership of SKY Mexico, while Grupo Televisa, S.A., holds a majority stake with 59%. SKY Mexico is the leading Pay-TV provider in the country with over 5.88 million subscribers.

DIRECTV PanAmericana provides services in 9 territories: Argentina, Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Uruguay.

For support or additional information about DIRECTV, contact María José Acuña, Director of Communications or Selma Astudillo, Public Relations Manager.

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March23, 2017
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DIRECTV is the world’s leading provider of satellite television. Through its subsidiaries and affiliated companies in the United States, Brazil, Mexico and other countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, DIRECTV provides the best television experience to over 20.16 million customers in the United States and over 17.22 million customers in Latin America.

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